We’re introducing our new Maids and Butlers!!!!!  Today is Butler Charish!

Butler Charish is a fun loving adventurer. He loves the outdoors and experiencing the world for himself. Even though he is not much of a fighter, Butler Charish will do anything to help out a friend in need. Shy at first, but he will warm up to new people in no time.

We’re introducing our newest Maids and Butlers!!! Today is Maid Pippin!

Maid Pippin is ready for adventure at moments notice, but isn’t afraid to show her feminine side either. She’s confident, but not cocky and has a soft spot for thoughtfulness and anything fluffy. She could kick your butt since she’s trained in many martial arts, but is a strict pacifist and so uses her abilities only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise you could find her reading in a tree or meditating on top of a mountain.

She’s also a huge food lover so you better grab your food off the tray before she does!

Maid Pippin is ready for the next big adventure with AWA’s Maid Cafe so come and join her!

We’re introducing our newest Maids & Butlers!!!!!  Today is Maid Melita!

Maid Melita is a freedom loving ex-soviet agent with big dreams and wild ambitions. Even if she tries and fails, nothing can shake her determination. She’s a first timer to the cafe and hopes to make every new friend feel loved and welcomed.

The More, the Merrier!

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